“Ouch,” Holden cried out, rubbing the arm Famke had just pummeled, “what was that for?”

“What was that for?” she exclaimed. “What was that for? You know what that was for, Holden. You got fired! What was the one thing I told you to do today?”

“Not get fired?” he ventured.

“Not get fired. See, normally that would be a pretty simple request. I told you there was a new supervisor on shift. I told you not to slack off.” He was afraid of this, she was fuming at him. “What are we supposed to do now? I make enough money for us to eat or have a roof over our heads. Can’t do both!”

“Famke, really, it’s not a problem” he said. “Trust me. I’ve got us covered.”

“That’s the trouble, Holden, I don’t trust you. Not with this. You’ve had far too many schemes go wrong.”

“Not this one. There’s no way this won’t work. And when it does it won’t matter that I don’t have a job in this stupid mill any more. Maybe I’ll finally be able to grow my eyebrows back.” He chuckled, but she did not seem amused. “Look,” he said, “I’ve got a little bit still saved up. Let me take you out for dinner to make up for worrying you.”

“You can’t make up for worrying me if I’m still worried, Holden.” She said, glowering. Then she curled her lip, biting it in the corner. “But, I am hungry, and I’m going to say that you owe me. Big. Lead the way.”

Holden brought her over to one of his favorite restaurants and they both had meals that were a bit more expensive than their usual fare. Famke was leary of spending the money, but he insisted.

“Ok,” she said, finishing off her plate, “tell me the plan.”

“No” he said. “It’s a surprise. I wouldn’t want to ruin it.”

“I mean it, Kort” she said, crossing her arms. “Out with it, and it had better be good. You got yourself fired over this thing, I want to hear it.”

“Trust me, it will be more fun to just find out later, it’s going down soon actually, you won’t have long to wait. And this time you won’t be getting it out of me.”

“Soon? Like a few minutes soon?”

“Soon like we should start walking in a few minutes. It’s a little ways across town.”

Famke wasn’t happy about having to wait, but he could see the excitement in her face, even if the tried to mask it under disapproval. They covered the check, and then covered the ground on the way to the pit. When they started to draw close she grew less excited and more suspicious. When he purchased tickets for the fight she looked positively concerned. Then he led her to their seats, only a couple of rows back. This was going to be great.

“So…” she began, obviously wanting to scream and trying very hard to keep calm. “You’re meeting someone here. Someone that has something to do with the deal you made? Are you getting a new job as a promoter or something?”

“That could be interesting,” he said, “but no, nothing like that.”

“Holden, tell me your sure thing wasn’t a bet on Hurricane Westie. Is anyone even taking bets that he’s going to win at this point?”

“No, don’t be silly, it would be pointless to bet on Hurricane.”

“That’s a relief. I’m so glad you aren’t getting back into gambling.” She sighed. “So what is it?”

“I bet against Hurricane.” He smiled as her head exploded.

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