The only problem he had now was figuring out what to do with the rest of his day. It would be another two hours at least before Famke got off shift. She would no doubt be furious with him when she found out he was fired. Probably even more so if she didn’t find him around afterward. He wondered if he’d still be able to calm her down enough to get her to go with him to the fight. He’d probably just have to wing it.

He found himself instinctively making his way toward the Rose District. It made sense, it had been on his mind all day. He certainly wouldn’t have time to walk up there and make it back for the fight, much less in time to meet Famke. But it seemed so perfect. He didn’t have enough spare cash to hire a car, so he made do with the next best thing and set out for Kirk Tower. The old bell tower was one of the highest points in the Black, and it had a great view of the rest of the city.

Climbing the steps of the tower was a pain, and they either hadn’t bothered, or hadn’t been able to install an elevator in the building, so not a lot of people went up there on a regular basis, but Holden was a fan. From the top of Kirk Tower you could see all of Denid. From the top of the tower you could see the world. And just for a while, rising up above it all, you could forget how much of it was awful, how much of it was pain. You could see the constant cloud of smoke hanging over the Black, but it didn’t seem so bad. From here you could see the Wharf, but you missed out on the cries of the merchants, and the hustle and bustle. You could see the neat careful lines of the Miner’s Quarter, distinct and rigid, almost artistic in its craftsmanship. And rising up against the mountain, the Rose District. Shining even now in the late afternoon sun.

It was interesting seeing the city like this during the day. He usually came at night, when all you saw was a sea of lights. Seeing it in the day let you really take in the city in all of its glory. He would have to remember to do that more. Maybe he could get a house with a view like this. There were a few in the Rose District that got a similar height, just by virtue of being further up the mountain. He could sit here and stare for hours, watching the people move around like ants far below, imagining what they were doing, where they were going. High above it all.

All in good time though. It was starting to get late. He made his way back down to ground level, to join the ants, and headed back over to the mill. When he found Famke she ran over to him with concern on her face, and immediately punched him in the arm.

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