Our third Interlude story starts today, and I have to say, I’m pretty excited about this one. For the first time in the Serial Experiment we’ll be taking a look outside of the city of Denid, and outside of the main story’s timeline as well.

“The Hood” is my take on a Robin Hood story, told in the way it would be read in one of Wilson’s adventure books. Its a chance for me to play with those common archetypes and tropes and see what they would look like in Taloria. Its also a chance to see some of the history of Taloria that hasn’t really had a chance to come up in any of the other stories. This will be the first time that this part of Taloria’s past will actually be told.

This story will be running every other day this week before we return to see what Wilson is up to next Monday. Until then, I hope you all enjoy “The Hood”.

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