Welcome to the Serial Experiment. This site and its contents are intended as an experiment in serial sequential storytelling. The stories told here will be released in small, digestible chunks on a regular schedule, very much in the same way that you would receive the story from an ongoing web comic, but will be told entirely in prose, rather than including the graphic elements that web comics typically use.

The stories of the experiment will explore the lives of a select few people living in the bustling and often seedy city of Denid, nestled at the far end of Taloria’s southern continent of Nuberon. Denid is an iron city at the height of its own industrial revolution, and the town screams with the forced progress of the iron foundries, mines, and the shipping concerns that help to move the results of industry around. Iron is king in Denid, and the people that work it are literally a dime a dozen, a situation not helped by the sizeable recent influx of refugees streaming in from the countryside, a result of raids from the denizens of Nokari, the realms of the dead. The surplus population is proving to be profitable for the local business owners, if not terribly helpful for their workers. Worse, it pairs well with Denid’s remote location and other resources to provide near perfect conditions for a number of social experiments, conducted in secret, and for reasons as yet unexplained.

I hope that you enjoy this experiment, and your time exploring Denid, and getting to know its inhabitants. As a reading suggestion I would recommend adding the “Entries RSS” feed to your favorite feed reader, doing so should help ensure that you never lose your place in the story, and you’ll always be alerted when a new scene is posted.

Serial Experiment updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

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