On Nuberon

Nuberon is often considered the wild continent of Taloria. It is the largest of the three major continents, and the most sparsely populated. This is mostly due to it having some of the most inhospitable terrain on Taloria. Much of the continent is taken up by wild forest, making traveling and farming difficult in many areas. It also features the dangerous Echu Boglands to the northeast, the nearly impassable Barrier Mountains to the south, and beyond them the vast expanse of the Jikan desert.

Despite being currently inhospitable, Nuberon was not always so empty. It was the site of a second boom of civilization during the decline of the Alastaranian Empire, and the home of Taloria’s first Kingdom among a number of others . Unfortunately time was not kind to these fledgeling societies, and the few that managed to survive until the Sixth Crisis were decimated by the Scourge. Now only a few of the more resilient large city-states remain, the most notable being Vitania, Eron, Denid, and the Floating City of Kor, along with a number of smaller towns spread throughout the countryside.

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