On Taloria
Long ago the world of Taloria was one of peace and prosperity, a planet wide utopia. Centuries had gone into its forming, its growth and cultivation, leading to a perfect society. That was before the First Crisis and the coming of the Haze. The First Crisis saw the destruction of the world, and the end of civilization as it was then known. All of their advances, all of their technology, could not save them. Now Taloria is a world of magic, and fear. The people huddle together in the cities, afraid of the Haze that surrounds them and the nightmares it holds. It’s geology has been completely twisted by the raw power of newly unleashed magics. The world consists of three major continents: Nuberon in the South, Anyras in the East, and Estaia to the West, and the smaller island continents of Corsair and Ordea, all surrounded by the ominous light of the World’s Edge.

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