Wilson was shocked. It took more than a moment for the officer’s words to sink in. And when they did he could hardly believe it. There must be some mistake, it didn’t name any sense.

“You should head on home, Mr. Pool” Officer Davies threw out. There’s nothing else you can do here for now. We’ve got your address and we’ll hand it over to the executor when we verify the will. It will take at least a few days before we hear anything.”

Wilson’s throat was dry, and his head was spinning. Surely that would be it, they would take it to the executor and they would find the mistake. The shop would go to its rightful owner, probably to be shut down for good and that would be that.

“Please,” he started, and then stuttered a bit in his nervousness and confusion. The dryness didn’t help either. “Please let me know if there are any developments in the case.” Surely the officers would at least think he was close enough to Tooth to be updated, after seeing his name on the will. They wouldn’t know how unlikely it’s inclusion would have been.

“We will, Mr. Pool. You should try to take it easy.”

“Of course, Officer,” he mumbled, not at all sure of himself as he backed away in a daze. “Of course.” Officer Davies shook his head slightly as Wilson wandered off, hoping he would be ok.

Wilson had meant to head home, he really had. He was thinking that was exactly what he should do. But instead he finished out his route. He had been doing it for so long that it had become mostly automatic, and following the routine was easier than not. So much to think about, and he couldn’t really think at all. One minute it was sadness for the loss of the old man, he really had enjoyed their talks, and the lack of judgment. The next minute it was elation and excitement, if the will was correct the store was his. A bookshop of his own, that was amazing. He had never really been the kind of person to have life long dreams, he always just went with the flow, but he thought that if he was going to have a dream, owning a bookshop would probably be the one. Of course the next minute was abject terror, he had no idea how to even begin running a bookshop. And what about his job? Would he quit being a garbage man and start being a book seller? Could he even do that?

This was entirely new territory for Wilson, who hadn’t really ever thought about living a life any different than his own. He didn’t love his life, and if he was honest there was a lot about it that he actually kind of hated. But it was his, it was what he knew. And then, without expecting it or wanting it, everything could be different. He tripped a little on his route, spilling a few items out of the top of an overstuffed bin. How do you completely change your life?

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