Holden has spent his entire life on the streets of the Black, in the city of Denid. Life in the Black is hard, and it’s harder to get ahead, but Holden holds out hope that someday he will have the money to move out of the Black and into high society.

Unfortunately for him, Holden isn’t really the patiently-work-toward-the-goal type. He’s more of a quick fix, miracle plan sort of guy, despite it having never worked for him. His get rich quick schemes are clever, but often flawed, and frequently get him into trouble, and as a result Holden is no stranger to the seedier sides of town. He’s not bad, he’s just broke.

Holden Kort

Holden is a young man with a mission: rising up from the poverty of his life. He's just not always good at it. Or, ever, really.

Comics: 24
Recent Appearance: Bet on It - page 24 - Finish
First Appearance: Bet on It - page 1 - The Dream

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